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Monday, December 19, 2005

As ye brush, ye too shall be brushed

Shortly after encountering the great Lillee in the stairwell, we discovered downstairs behind the Prindiville stand a bar that served draught beer - much better than the warm cans they were pushing upstairs.

After procuring three beers, I turned and saw a white Ford LTD rolling up alongside the bar. As the limousine idled up, Kiwi (or was it Rooster? My recollection is somewhat blurred) remarked that its number plate had no numbers - only a coat of arms.

We stared - as if at Lillee.

As the limo' ghosted by in slow motion, its passenger - the governor of Western Australia - flashed us a grin and a vice-regal wave.

A friendly gesture from the head of state, or had we too been given the brush?


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