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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Big Took terminated

Anyone who knows who this bloke was would also know he copped a lethal injection earlier today.

Did he deserve it? No. I don't think anybody does.

Did he deserve to be treated any differently to anyone else on death row? Again, no.

The fact Tookie took to writing children's stories after killing four innocent people doesn't make him a good bloke.

As the Governator rhetorically asked today, did Tookie ever renounce the gang-bangin', drug pushing ways of his Crips homies?

On that topic, I see fellow Cripper, and penner of Cop Killer, Ice MF T, continues to mumble his way through Lor and Awder, playing a cop.

I love some of Ice's raps. But his half-arsed acting leaves much to be desired.

Doong, Doong.


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