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Monday, December 19, 2005

Lillee's pounding down like a machine

The Westralian capital of Perth is a bastion of sports greats.

But even in this burrough of bronzed ball-bearers, one champ stands alone. That champion is former Australian fast bowling demon, Dennis Lillee.

So imagine my unbridled delight yesterday when the great man strode into a stairwell where Rooster, Kiwi and I were loitering.

Lillee, whose 1981 world record for most wickets in a calendar year was only broken on Friday, had a quick squiz at the gaped-mouthed yokels before him, then proceeded to skip down the steel stairs as assuredly as he used to sprint up to the WACA wicket.

Past a group of drunks he glided, breaking stride only to acknowledge a, 'You da man!' with a boy scout salute and forthright, "'day mate".

A day at the cricket - 55 dollars. Hotdog and beer - 9 dollars. Lillee brushing a yobbo - priceless.


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