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Monday, January 16, 2006


During my walk into the city this morning I chanced to spy the display window of a XXX shop.

Inside were two female mannequins - one dressed in a short, tight, plastic, nurse's outfit emblazoned with Red Cross logos. The other bulged out of a similar outfit, only with blue crosses. Clearly this is the porn world's attempt at compromise over the red cross/red crescent standoff that's been hampering the access of medicos to the Golan Heights.

The mannequins were, it must be said, pretty saucy. And I considered buying a nurse's outfit for my latex doll back home. I haven't taken him out dancing much of late, you see.

However, what turned me off the idea was the plastic surgical masks the mute ladies were wearing. At the centre of each mask was a big red (or blue) cross - assumedly to signify, "no talk, action only".

Crosses aside, I find all masks spooky.

Still, I suppose the display coulda been worse. It could have included a mannequin of the matron from A Country Practice.


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