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Monday, January 30, 2006

Game, set, match, championship.

Did you catch the final of the Australian Open tennis?

What emotion!

How could anyone help but like that cheeky little Baghdatis and his exhuberant Cyprian ways?

And Federer. What a star. And his acceptance speech. I wonder what about the little old Aussie Open got him all choked up like that? Surely not just the presence of mighty Rod Laver?

Not to downplay Roger's seven grand slam titles to date, but, tennis fans, don't you think it weird that nobody ever emerges as a clear No. 2 to challenge his dominance?

Just as Microsoft has its Apple and British Airways its Virgin, Borg had his McEnroe and Sampras his Agassi.

Despite having won a couple of slams each, Saffin, Roddick and Lleyton show no signs of emerging as Roger's nemesis.

But history, and Star Wars, show somebody will.

When will the worthy adversary emerge? And does he carry a Cyprian passport?


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