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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Yesterday I'd arranged a huge, massive, huge, meeting that may well have determined the course of my working life for the next three years. But, true to form, all my nervous energy was being expended on what the hell I would have to say at a minor presentation I'd dumbly volunteered to do immediately before the important meeting.

As it turned out, stressing over the presentation meant I was pretty chilled for the meeting, which I ended up sailing through.

I have another huge, massive, huge meeting this afternoon that could well determine the course of my working life for the next three decades. I should be preparing some props for it now. But no doubt I'll leave it till the last minute.

Between now and the meeting I may even manage a snooze. But I'm not likely to enjoy the snooze, because in all probability Larry Tate will invade my dreams, storm into my office and demand to see those layouts early. And Endora is bound to throw some kind of spanner into the works.



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