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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Grumpy and his cat were having a spat. In WA you know where that's at.

My day was put on hold this morning as soon-to-be-spayed Pounce! once again bolted under the house.

I dunno what she does under there, but her face usually comes out covered in cobwebs.

After an hour trying to coax her out with her favourite toy sheep, I relented and did some gardening instead, so I could keep an eye out for her.

No sign of whiskers for two hours, which is when I went inside to make a cup of tea.

As the kettle boiled, I heard a sickly mewl out back. The vexacious beast had had it with the under-house and was busting to get inside.

Never one to look a gift cat in the mouth, I bolted to the back door and opened it. She flew in, straight for her litter tray, where she deposited a runny poo. Why she couldn't have done that under the house is anybody's guess.



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