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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Who writes this stuff?

I love the fact Western Australia now has its own elite rugby side. And I'm sure it will go very well, especially if it manages to put the siege mentality to one side.

But, if coach John Mitchell is reading (as I know you often do, John), please spare us such vapid cliches as:

“Success in Super 14 always depends on a team’s depth and while we can only choose 22 players for Friday’s match, every member of our squad will play an important role as we go forward,” he said.


“We cannot wait as a group to get started as everyone has had a taste of what to expect in this competition,” he said.

Other hackneyed terms to watch out for too, John:

. Composure - Nick Farr Jones wore this one out circa 1993;
. Accountability - too Eddie McGuire;
. Putting one's hand up - unless you're talking about what a lock does to a front-rower in a scrum, this is false poetics.

That said, I know you'll hit the ground running, go the whole nine and not drop the ball. Force to win by 6 points.


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