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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Got Giteau

By now, rugby fans from Cottesloe to Coogee know the Western Force has secured the services of the most famous Giteau (Matt) since Charlie Giteau shot President Andrew Jackson.

As a result, east coast (mainly Sydney) rugby commentators are bemoaning the rise of 'checkbook rugby'. But realistically, the Force's hands are tied - they need to spend the big bucks to get quality players to move across the wide brown Nullarbor.

My only concern is whether Giteau is worth anything near the $1 million plus they'll be paying him each year. There's no doubt he's a slippery customer, but there's still a big question mark over his decision-making.

This backs up a point once made by my mate, Weird Al Yankovic, that rugby is the easiest sport in the world in which to be dubbed a legend.

In Australian Football, you'd have to have played 340 games and coached four grand final winning sides to be considered in the same light that rugby fans view Giteau's short career.


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