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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Whistler's mother-in-law

Hazel's step-mum, Bezley, took her grandkids to the Perth Show during the week. Never one for idleness, Bezley bought me and Haze a sample box of Whistler's chocolates.

Oh my gawd, Habibi!!!!!

Until this point in time, I did not know Whistler's existed, let alone how cheeky and chunky their chockies could be. Their giant choc-coated jelly babies were an instant hit with this erstwhile Dr Who fan.

The side of the sample box says Whistler's is the oldest confectioner in the whole of Western Australia. If acres were years, that'd make them bloody old chocolatiers. How is it I've only just heard of them?

I've got Hazel on the job now, seeing if Mr Whistler runs chocky tours of his Belmont Wonkorium.


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