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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Grump and Grumpier

It's gonna be 39 degrees celsius here today. It was 37 yesterday. And it's not to Pounce!y's liking.

After flying out the back door early this morning and disappearing under the house, a coupla hours later she howled the door down to get into our air conditioned lounge room. Having sampled the lounge room's cosy 24 degrees for all of 3 minutes she decided to follow me into the sauna-like hallway for a snoop.

"Don't be so stupid," I admonished, turfing her back into the air conditioning, and shutting the door in her hairy little face.

That's when the howls really began, followed by a ghastly, pained yelp as I re-entered the loungeroom and inadvertently jammed her paw beneath the hall door.

After that, she wouldn't have a bar of me. For about twenty seconds. That's when I produced her shiny new "Pounce" nametag, which I thought she'd hate. But she sat very patiently as I looped it onto her collar.

She's now 'circle sleeping', as Haze calls it, on her favourite chair beneath a cool Fujitsu zephyr.


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