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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Roundabout way

So, this morning Hazel and I are driving around the streets of Perth, quite aimlessly as is our weekend wont, when I hang a left off Shepherd Road into a residential backwater of Burswood that I quite like.

"Where are we going?" Haze asks, as if there's ever any rhyme or reason to our meandering cross-town forays.

"I dunno," replies I, "but isn't it nice around here? Where would you like to go?"

"Oh, just home," Hazel wet-blankets.

"So you have some chores to do, hey?"

"Yes, chores."

So, back along the stop-start Canning Highway to the historic Port city we return, greet our spritely ginger puss at the front door, and shuffle into the hallway.

"See you later," Hazel says prizing the keys from my grip. "I'm off to Bezley's for an hour or so."

"But, I thought you were gonna do chores," I doth protesths.

"Oh, I thought that was your funny way of asking if I was gonna go out," Haze chuckles.

Enjoy your drive, Hazel.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lacquer virgin. Hey!

I'm at home, having a beret day with wifey today.

You know, just kickin' back, lettin' the days go by.

It's fantastic when one throws an outlandish sickie, to, say, lacquer a crappy old sideboard that's been clogging up the garage for some years, and the other wakes up with a sniffle and decides: "Hey Hazel! Why the hell don't I join you?"

Fantastic for the sniffler, probably not so much for the lacquee who'd had her day all mapped out, and can now sense a Lemsip haze of a hypochondriac hubby looming on the horizon.

Anyway, a coupla minutes ago, as Hazel was out back a-lacquerin', dripping brown goo all over my pristine garage floor, I shuffled out to pay her a visit. Out there, on a nearby block of land, a couple of vocal builders were erecting some kind of mausoleum on a block nearby.

Here's a verbatim report of their conversation:

"'e killed her and made it look like an accident."



Hazel may not be back on the blogwaves for quite some time.